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50/30/15/5 Annual Budget Spreadsheet Template for Excel and Google Sheets

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50/30/15/5 Annual Budget Spreadsheet Template for Excel and Google Sheets, Monthly Budget Tracker, Savings Tracker, Debt Payoff Budget Planner

Manage your finances effortlessly with our 50/30/15/5 Annual Budget Spreadsheet Template, crafted specifically for Google Sheets and Excel. Following the renowned 50/30/15/5 rule, this template streamlines your budgeting process by allocating funds for necessities, discretionary spending, debt repayment, and savings over the course of the year.

Tailor budget categories and labels to align with your financial objectives and preferences, providing you with insightful analytics and visual representations of your budget distribution. Monitor your expenditure, track your savings progress, and make informed financial decisions with ease.

Our 50/30/15/5 Annual Budget Spreadsheet Template for Excel and Google Sheets offers a contemporary, intuitive, and accessible solution compared to mobile apps, software platforms, or traditional paper budgets. Seize command of your financial path with this exceptional template, engineered to fortify financial resilience and peace of mind.

  • Essential Needs: 50%
  • Personal Wants: 30%
  • Strategic Savings: 15%
  • Manageable Debt: 5%

Our specialized budget planner is aligned with your individual goals, emphasizing Essential Needs (50%), Personal Wants (30%), and a focused approach to Savings & Debt (15% and 5%, respectively). It’s a simplified, visually engaging tool that includes only essential elements, ensuring ease of understanding. Streamline your financial management effortlessly—just input your transactions, and witness the automated calculations at work!

  • Video Tutorial
  • 20-Page Quick Start Guide
  • 4 Templates of Spreadsheets
  • 1 Sample Excel Spreadsheet with Mock Data
  • 1 Excel Spreadsheet with Empty Data
  • 1 Sample Google Sheets Spreadsheet with Mock Data
  • 1 Google Sheets Spreadsheet with Empty Data
  • Editable in Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel
  • Compatible with MAC, PC, Phones, or Tablets
  • 22 Spreadsheet Tabs
  1. Instructions
  2. Annual Dashboard
  3. Annual Report
  4. Settings
  5. Transaction Tracker
  6. 12 Tabs for Each Month
  7. Smart Calendar
  8. Savings & Sinking Fund
  9. Net Worth
  10. Debt Management
  11. Payments Schedule

1. Annual Dashboard:
– Display total annual income and expenses.
– Visual charts for a quick financial overview.

2. Annual Report:
– Detailed breakdown of income and expenses.
– Visual representation of spending trends.

3. Settings:
– Personalize currency, time periods, and other preferences.

4. Transaction Tracker:
– Log transactions with date, category, and amount.
– Categorize transactions for tracking.

5. 12 Tabs for Each Month:
– Monthly tabs for tracking income and expenses.
– Visualize month-to-month trends.

6. Smart Calendar:
– Mark payday and bill due dates.
– Visualize cash flow events.

7. Savings & Sinking Fund:
– Track savings goals.
– Allocate funds for planned expenses.

8. Net Worth:
– Calculate net worth.
– Monitor changes in assets and debts.

9. Debt Management:
– Log and categorize outstanding debts.
– Visual representation of debt distribution.

10. Payments Schedule:
– Detailed schedule for planned payments.
– Highlight important due dates.

  • Simplified Budgeting: Easily allocate funds to essential categories based on the 50/30/15/5 rule.
  • Clear Financial Overview: Instantly understand how income is distributed among needs, wants, savings, and personal spending.
  • Goal Tracking: Set and monitor financial goals for each category.
  • Interactive Dashboard: Visualize budget breakdowns with charts and graphs.
  • Expense Control: Keep expenses in check by adhering to the recommended budget percentages.
Who Should Use It:
  • Budgeting Beginners: Those new to budgeting seeking a straightforward approach.
  • Individuals Following the 50/30/15/5 Rule: Specifically designed for those aligning with this budgeting strategy.
  • Goal-Oriented Individuals: Ideal for setting and achieving financial goals within defined categories.
  • Visual Learners: Those who benefit from visual representations of budget data.
  • Efficiency Seekers: Individuals looking for an efficient and simplified budgeting solution.


  • A device to access Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel
  • A Google Account (if editing through Google Sheets)
  • Microsoft Excel (if editing through Excel)
  • Basic computer knowledge
  1. Purchase (instant download)
  2. Upload the PDF file (access to Google Sheet)
  3. Download the Excel template
  4. Open the spreadsheet (start planning!)

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50/30/20 Annual Budget Spreadsheet Template for Google Sheets

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