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PLR Investment Tracker Crypto Portfolio Spreadsheet Excel & Google Sheets, Cryptocurrency Investment Dashboard. Resell Rights


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Google Sheets and Excel
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This template is fully customizable! You can change everything in it – colors in tables, pie charts, etc.

Investment Tracker Crypto Portfolio Spreadsheet Excel & Google Sheets, Cryptocurrency Investment Dashboard. Commercial License

The Crypto Portfolio Tracker in Excel & Google Sheets is a comprehensive tool designed to help cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors effectively manage their digital asset portfolios. This user-friendly spreadsheet offers five essential tabs: Settings, Account Register, Transaction Ledger, Global Portfolio, and Global Dashboard, all accessible within a Google Sheets & Excel documents. Whether you’re a seasoned crypto trader or just starting out, this tracker simplifies portfolio management, transaction tracking, and provides a holistic view of your crypto investments.

Resell rights allow you to make a one-time purchase and resell the template as many times as you want. Instructions for your customers included.

  • Video Tutorial
  • 20-Page Quick Start Guide
  • 4 Templates of Spreadsheets
  • 1 Sample Excel Spreadsheet with Mock Data
  • Excel Spreadsheet with Empty Data
  • Sample Google Sheets Spreadsheet with Mock Data
  • Google Sheets Spreadsheet with Empty Data
  • Editable in Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel
  • Compatible with MAC, PC, Phones, or Tablets
  • 6 Spreadsheet Tabs
  1. Instructions
  2. Settings
  3. Account Register
  4. Transaction Ledger
  5. Global Portfolio
  6. Global Dashboard

     1. Settings Tab:
Personalize your tracker by configuring your preferred currency, exchanges, cryptocurrencies, and other user-specific preferences.

     2. Account Register Tab:
Create a detailed list of your crypto accounts, including wallet addresses, exchange accounts, and any other holdings.
Record account balances, initial investments, and current valuations.
Easily update account information as required.

     3. Transaction Ledger Tab:
Track all your cryptocurrency transactions, including purchases, sales, transfers, and fees.
Categorize transactions by coin/token, date, quantity, and value.
Automatically calculate gains and losses based on transaction data.
Monitor your transaction history and gain insights into your trading activity.

     4. Global Portfolio Tab:
Gain an overview of your entire cryptocurrency portfolio on a single page.
Observe the total value of your holdings, allocation by coin/token, and performance metrics.
Visualize your portfolio’s diversification and distribution.

     5. Global Dashboard Tab:
Access a dynamic dashboard summarizing your portfolio’s performance.
Charts and graphs depict portfolio value over time, asset allocation, and historical performance.
Track key performance indicators, including ROI, asset distribution, and growth trends.

  • User-Friendly: Designed for users of all experience levels, with easy-to-use tabs and intuitive data entry.
  • Comprehensive: Provides a holistic view of your cryptocurrency portfolio, aiding in decision-making and investment strategies.
  • Real-Time Data: Connects to APIs for live cryptocurrency price updates, ensuring accurate portfolio valuations.
  • Historical Insights: Gain valuable insights into your trading history and performance.
  • Data Security: Your data remains secure within Google Sheets, and you have control over who can access it.
Who Should Use It:
  • Cryptocurrency investors and traders of all experience levels.
  • Individuals looking to maintain a well-organized and transparent record of their digital assets.
  • Anyone seeking a free and customizable solution for managing their crypto portfolios.
Where do cryptocurrency prices come from?
  • Data flows through the Coingecko API.
  • However, anyone with the skills to develop this model can modify the API to any other source at their discretion if it is more convenient.
  • We do not recommend doing this as it may break functions and their functionality throughout the entire spreadsheet.
  • We will not be held responsible for any resulting issues.

Get Started: Begin effectively managing your cryptocurrency investments with confidence using the Crypto Portfolio Tracker in Google Sheets. Simply download the template, input your data, and start tracking your crypto journey.


PLR License:
  • By purchasing this template once, you are allowed to sell it anywhere and to anyone an unlimited number of times for profit.
  • Modify the template as needed to suit your requirements. Use the template for personal or commercial purposes.
  • You may NOT resell or distribute the templates with resell rights. The templates must be sold or given away without resell rights attached.
  • A device to access Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel
  • A Google Account (if editing through Google Sheets)
  • Microsoft Excel (if editing through Excel)
  • Basic computer knowledge
  1. Purchase (instant download)
  2. Upload the PDF file (access to Google Sheet)
  3. Download the Excel template
  4. Open the spreadsheet (start planning!)

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