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PLR Etsy Seller Bookkeeping Spreadsheet Template Excel & Google Sheets. Resell Rights


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Google Sheets and Excel
 PLR “Commercial License”

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Etsy Seller Bookkeeping Spreadsheet in Excel & Google Sheets, Tracking Income and Expenses. Commercial License

Enhance your business financial management with our Automated Etsy Bookkeeping Spreadsheet. Effortlessly monitor your bookkeeping, analyze your profit and loss, and achieve your financial goals for a thriving business!

Resell rights allow you to make a one-time purchase and resell the template as many times as you want. Instructions for your customers included.

  • Video Tutorial
  • 20-Page Quick Start Guide
  • 4 Templates of Spreadsheets
  • 1 Sample Excel Spreadsheet with Mock Data
  • 1 Excel Spreadsheet with Empty Data
  • 1 Sample Google Sheets Spreadsheet with Mock Data
  • 1 Google Sheets Spreadsheet with Empty Data
  • Editable in Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel
  • Compatible with MAC, PC, Phones, or Tablets
  • 9 Spreadsheet Tabs
  1. Instructions
  2. Settings
  3. Sales Tracker
  4. Expense Tracker
  5. Monthly Dashboard
  6. Custom Date Dashboard
  7. Annual Dashboard
  8. 5 – Year Dashboard
  9. Marketing Suite
  • Intuitive And Quick Set Up Just In A Few Steps
  • 5-year Business Growth Analytics
  • Advanced Income And Expense Trackers
  • Custom Date Dashboard Integrated
  • Annual Dashboard With A Detailed Summary
  • Profit Tracking & Expense Budget Management
  • Dynamic Dashboards For Greater Analysis
  • Etsy Marketing Hub Included
  1. Settings Tab:
  • Function: Personalize your Etsy seller’s accounting tracker.
  • Configuration: Set your preferred currency, customize tracking parameters, and tailor the tool to your unique accounting needs on Etsy.
  1. Sales Tracker Tab:
  • Function: Monitor and analyze Etsy sales performance.
  • Usage: Track Etsy sales data, including product details, quantity, and revenue.
  • Insights: Gain valuable insights into your bestselling Etsy products and revenue trends.
  1. Expense Tracker Tab:
  • Function: Keep a detailed record of Etsy business expenses.
  • Recording: Log all Etsy business-related expenditures and categorize them for clarity.
  • Expense Analysis: Understand Etsy spending patterns and identify areas for cost optimization.
  1. Monthly Dashboard Tab:
  • Function: Obtain a comprehensive overview of your Etsy monthly business metrics.
  • Visuals: Charts and graphs display key Etsy performance indicators, such as sales, expenses, and profit, for quick analysis.
  • Month-to-Month Comparison: Easily compare monthly Etsy data to identify trends and patterns.
  1. Custom Date Dashboard Tab:
  • Function: Tailor your Etsy dashboard to specific date ranges.
  • Flexibility: Choose custom timeframes to analyze Etsy data based on your reporting needs.
  • Precision: Zoom in on specific Etsy periods for more detailed insights.
  1. Annual Dashboard Tab:
  • Function: Review your Etsy business’s yearly performance.
  • Yearly Metrics: Visualize annual Etsy sales, expenses, and profit trends.
  • Projection: Plan for the upcoming Etsy year with insights gained from past performance.
  1. 5 – Year Dashboard Tab:
  • Function: Analyze your Etsy business’s long-term trajectory.
  • Extended Insights: Gain insights into trends and patterns over a five-year period on Etsy.
  • Strategic Planning: Utilize data for strategic decision-making and future planning for your Etsy shop.
  1. Marketing Suite Tab:
  • Function: Manage and evaluate your Etsy marketing efforts.
  • Integrated Hub: Access tools and data for your Etsy marketing strategies.
  • Performance Analysis: Review the effectiveness of Etsy marketing campaigns and optimize strategies accordingly in your Etsy shop.


PLR License:
  • By purchasing this template once, you are allowed to sell it anywhere and to anyone an unlimited number of times for profit.
  • Modify the template as needed to suit your requirements. Use the template for personal or commercial purposes.
  • You may NOT resell or distribute the templates with resell rights. The templates must be sold or given away without resell rights attached.
  • A device to access Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel
  • A Google Account (if editing through Google Sheets)
  • Microsoft Excel (if editing through Excel)
  • Basic computer knowledge
  1. Purchase (instant download)
  2. Upload the PDF file (access to Google Sheet)
  3. Download the Excel template
  4. Open the spreadsheet (start planning!)

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