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PLR 50/30/20 Annual Budget Spreadsheet Template In Excel And Google Sheets, Yearly Budget Planner. Resell Rights


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50/30/20 Annual Budget Spreadsheet Template Excel and Google Sheets, Monthly Budget Tracker, Savings Tracker, Debt Payoff Budget Planner. Commercial License

Effortlessly manage your finances using our 50/30/20 Annual Budget Spreadsheet Template tailored for Excel and Google Sheets. This template adheres to the renowned 50/30/20 rule, facilitating allocation for essential expenses, flexible spending, and savings throughout the year.

Customize budget categories and labels according to your unique financial goals and preferences, empowering you with clear analytics and visual representations of your budget allocations. Gain insights into your spending, savings, and investments, simplifying the budgeting process and enabling informed financial decision-making.

Our 50/30/20 Annual Budget Spreadsheet Template for Excel and Google Sheets surpasses any mobile applications, complex software programs, and traditional printouts. Take charge of your financial journey with this superior template, designed to enhance financial stability and security.

Resell rights allow you to make a one-time purchase and resell the template as many times as you want. Instructions for your customers included.

  • Essential Needs: 50%
  • Personal Wants: 30%
  • Strategic Savings: 20%

Our specialized budget planner is tailored to your individual objectives, prioritizing Essential Needs (50%), Personal Wants (30%), and a strategic focus on Savings (20%). It offers a simplified and visually engaging tool, incorporating only essential elements for easy comprehension. Effortlessly manage your finances—simply input your transactions, and observe the automated calculations in action!

  • Video Tutorial
  • 20-Page Quick Start Guide
  • 4 Templates of Spreadsheets
  • 1 Sample Excel Spreadsheet with Mock Data
  • 1 Excel Spreadsheet with Empty Data
  • 1 Sample Google Sheets Spreadsheet with Mock Data
  • 1 Google Sheets Spreadsheet with Empty Data
  • Editable in Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel
  • Compatible with MAC, PC, Phones, or Tablets
  • 22 Spreadsheet Tabs
  1. Instructions
  2. Settings
  3. Annual Dashboard
  4. Annual Report
  5. Transaction Tracker
  6. 12 Tabs for Each Month
  7. Smart Calendar
  8. Savings & Sinking Fund
  9. Net Worth
  10. Debt Management
  11. Payments Schedule

1. Settings:
– Customize budget categories based on the 50/30/20 rule.
– Set income and expense preferences.
– Personalize currency and formatting options.

2. Annual Dashboard:
– Visualize annual income distribution.
– Track spending across essential categories.
– Monitor progress towards financial goals.

3. Annual Report:
– Detailed breakdown of annual income and spending.
– Comparison with budgeted percentages.
– Identify areas for improvement.

4. Transaction Tracker:
– Log transactions with categories.
– Ensure expenses align with budget percentages.
– Analyze spending patterns over time.

5. 12 Tabs for Each Month:
– Monthly tabs for tracking income and expenses.
– Ensure adherence to the 50/30/20 rule.
– Visualize month-to-month trends.

6. Smart Calendar:
– Mark important financial events.
– Plan for savings contributions.
– Set reminders for bill payments.

7. Savings & Sinking Fund:
– Allocate funds for savings based on percentages.
– Track progress toward savings goals.
– Manage sinking funds for planned expenses.

8. Net Worth:
– Calculate net worth based on assets and debts.
– Monitor changes in net worth over time.
– Visualize overall financial health.

9. Debt Management:
– Log and categorize outstanding debts.
– Track progress in debt reduction.
– Ensure debt payments align with the budget.

10. Payments Schedule:
– Detailed schedule for planned payments.
– Highlight important due dates.
– Ensure adherence to the budgeted percentages.

  • Simplified Budgeting: Easily allocate funds to essential categories based on the 50/30/20 rule.
  • Clear Financial Overview: Instantly understand how income is distributed among needs, wants, savings, and personal spending.
  • Goal Tracking: Set and monitor financial goals for each category.
  • Interactive Dashboard: Visualize budget breakdowns with charts and graphs.
  • Expense Control: Keep expenses in check by adhering to the recommended budget percentages.
Who Should Use It:
  • Budgeting Beginners: Those new to budgeting seeking a straightforward approach.
  • Individuals Following the 50/30/20 Rule: Specifically designed for those aligning with this budgeting strategy.
  • Goal-Oriented Individuals: Ideal for setting and achieving financial goals within defined categories.
  • Visual Learners: Those who benefit from visual representations of budget data.
  • Efficiency Seekers: Individuals looking for an efficient and simplified budgeting solution.


PLR License:
  • By purchasing this template once, you are allowed to sell it anywhere and to anyone an unlimited number of times for profit.
  • Modify the template as needed to suit your requirements. Use the template for personal or commercial purposes.
  • You may NOT resell or distribute the templates with resell rights. The templates must be sold or given away without resell rights attached.
  • A device to access Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel
  • A Google Account (if editing through Google Sheets)
  • Microsoft Excel (if editing through Excel)
  • Basic computer knowledge
  1. Purchase (instant download)
  2. Upload the PDF file (access to Google Sheet)
  3. Download the Excel template
  4. Open the spreadsheet (start planning!)

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